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Transport yourself on a magical coloring adventure with Canny Valley! We craft unique, personalized coloring books where you or your loved ones become the heroes of every tale.

Upload as few as 10 photos of a person and they will be the star of their own custom coloring book!

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Upload as few as 10 snapshots of a person and choose a personalized name for your book

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An AI is trained on your images

The team ensures quality and accuracy in every book

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In as little as 1 week, you'll receive a unique custom coloring book with your subject as the star!

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I felt like a real pirate captain with my own ship! The pictures are so cool, and I can color them however I want. It's like the coloring book was made just for me!

Melissa, Age 13
Melissa, Age 13

I love how I look like a superhero in my coloring book, but it's kinda weird to color my own face. It's super fun, though!

Emile, Age 7
Emile, Age 7
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each AI model is trained on the photos you provide, so the closer you follow our upload guidelines, the more accurate the result will be. Check out our blog post "How to Get the Best Results for Your AI-Generated Pictures" for tips.

Production and shipping times can vary based on your shipping options, but Canny Valley strives to deliver your personalized book within 2-3 weeks after receiving your photos.

It takes about 24 hours to train your AI, produce your photos, and have your images reviewed and approved by the team. You can expect to receive a notification when your photos are ready. You can check in your orders dashboard when you are logged in to follow the status.

For optimal results, select high-resolution images where the subject's face is clear and well-lit. Avoid photos with busy backgrounds or those taken from a distance. Also, check out our blog post "How to choose the best photos for your personalized AI" for more tips.

The Personalized Adventure Coloring Book features a total of 32 pages, crafted to enhance your coloring experience. Specifically, it includes 16 pages personalized with your chosen images, ensuring each coloring adventure is uniquely yours. Complementing these, the book also contains 16 backing pages. These backing pages are designed with a variety of exciting designs and activities, intentionally non-personalized to enrich your experience further. This thoughtful design means that each personalized page is paired with a non-personalized backing page. So, if you decide to remove a personalized page from the book, perhaps to display your artwork, you can do so without concern. This ensures that no personalized image is lost in the process, allowing you to enjoy and preserve every personalized adventure to the fullest.

All your uploaded photos and your AI model are stored in an encrypted state and never shared with third parties. All images and data are deleted from our systems 30 days after purchase. You can request to delete your data from our systems at any time by navigating to your account settings or contacting us by email at support@cannyvalley.ai.

If you have a question, please contact us by email. If you have a ChatGPT account, ask Canny Valley GPT at OpenAI

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